The H 3 method (H raised to 3) has been developed by us since 2011 and stands for Horse to Horse, Horse to Human, Human to Horse. You can describe it, as a toolbox for communication between horse and human to facilitate teamwork.

How should you learn then, how to understand horses and try to communicate back to them? Wihtin the H3.method, we always first look how a horse behaves with other horses, how does it communicate with its own sort? Is it dominant in a herd? Is it a horse that likes to be seen or is it a little bit shy? Once we have found "Horse to Horse" in the first step, we will continue to see how your horse is trying to communicate with you - "Horse to Human" in the next. All horses want to communicate with us humans, but we often don't listen or simply have trouble to understand. One can say that we come in as interpreters and translate what the horse tries to say in step two, because in step three "Human to Horse" give you the tools how to "talk back." Courage, trust and teamwork are our keywords in this company, and these are also found in the H3 method. In Horseback archery you must have courage to release the reins, to trust your horse, but when you do, the horse gives you trust and you get a teamwork in return, that is absolutely amazing!

Horses are professionals in teamwork and we think horses always look for the characteristics in us humans, and how they are best used in a herd. They always think of the best of the herd, and here their world collide with ours. In our world, Egot is praised, something that doesn't exist in theirs. In our training we look at the horses as they ask questions when they react in a certain way, we don't see crazy horses but horses who think we give them a double or an unclear message. The understanding of how a horse responds and reacts in different situations is necessary in order to develop together.

Horses are not built for us to sit on, and it's our duty to give them the best possible conditions to do what we want. When you prepare for a race, you make sure you have good physics, good technique and are well mentally prepared, right? We claim that your horse also needs the same preparations, to work as a team with you.

More and more people from the traditional disciplines, discover our method as a successful tool, now maybe it is your turn?

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