The H3-method

"All relations must be built on trust - without trust, you have no teamwork"

If we were about to tell you that each performance is 80% mental and only 20% technique and physics, what would you think? That if you don't understand the mental principles then it's no idea how much you are doing to get skilled, because you will just reach a certain level? If we would then say that your partner, the horse also needs the same training as you, in order for you to work as a team, what would you say?

Our method H (raised to) 3, is developed by us since 2011 and stands for Horse to Horse, Horse to Human, Human to Horse. It is a communication principle based on seeing the horse as an equal individual with his own feelings and opinions. In H3, we always look in the first step how the horse behaves with other horses, how does it communicate? Is it dominant in a herd? Is it a horse that likes to be seen or is it a little more shy? Once we have found "Horse to Horse" in the first step, we will continue to see how your horse tries to communicate with you. All horses want to communicate with us humans, but we often don't listen or simply have difficulties in understanding what they are trying to say. One can say that we come in as interpreters and translate what the horse tries to say in step two: Horse to Human. In step three Human to Horse you are given the tools "how to talk back". Does it sound tricky? More and more people discover our method as a successful tool within all horsedisciplines!


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