"If you could help to change the world for the better, would you do it?"

The founders of DHA answered yes to this question and started DHA, Dalecarlian Horsebackarchery Academy! They wanted to help to create a better world for both horses and humans by spreading knowledge about the H3-method. Since they both have a past as a Knights, it became obvious to swear a Knightly Oath with three words as guiding stars: Courage, Trust and Teamwork:

  • A Knight's first task is, to protect and defend those who are helpless- It can sometimes mean, that you have to follow your convictions despite a risk of losing your own self. This requires Courage.
  • A Knight should also bear the conviction, that the world can change for the better. They are constantly working to create improvement and they believe in change. But to do so requires Trust  in all individuals you meet.
  • A Knight must also respect and understand his teammate, work together to achieve a common goal. Everything you do, you have to do as a team because your life may depend on it. Therefore, you have to make sacrifice on your Ego, for the benefit of Teamwork.

If there are no Courage and Trust, there will be no Teamwork.


We create courage.
Our focus is mental training  of both horse and human.
Our goal is courage, trust and teamwork.
Our toolbox is historical horsesports.